MWA 3 Initial Instructions

The following is the link to my instructions for taking a tour down University Parks Drive:


2 thoughts on “MWA 3 Initial Instructions

  1. 1. The objective was clearly identified; a tour down University Parks Drive
    2. The cost, supplies, and time were not clear; persuade viewers into the tour by stating there is no cost and that it doesnt take much time by vehicle. Supplies could be stated as well–a vehicle, bike, or may be even gym shoes for walkers
    3. Yes, the tour moved down university parks drive in a logical sequence
    4. What could be added are pictures between the ferrell center and baylor ball park–or maybe just an explanation that it is right across the parking lot. The map may be uneccessary whereas further explanation could add to it. Also include/refer to the steps between for bikers or walkers, not just people with vehicles. Maybe bikers or walkers use the sidewalk closer to the water instead of the streets..
    5. The photos were quite helpful in identifying each spot on the tour. The maps were quite helpful for drivers as well. But again a description between locations could improve the map sections.
    6. The objective was met at the end
    7. You could introduce some interesting facts about each place on tour! something about baylor basketball or baseball

  2. 1. The tour’s title is utilized to portray the purpose of the tour.
    2. There is no cost or time suggested, but there is a designated starting / ending location, as well as the requirement of a vehicle for travel.
    3. The path of the tour follows a linear progression down University Parks, where tourists make stops the further they go down the street.
    4. The tour remains concise and minimalistic. The instructions include screenshots of maps at the desired locations, as well as actual photos of the stops in some cases, such as at Jacob’s Ladder in Cameron Park.
    5. By the end of the tour, the traveler has successfully made it down the length of University Parks with all of the necessary information needed to reach these locations.
    6. Listing a series of things to do at these locations is beneficial to tourists, but some of these activities are not free. In this regard, it might help tourists if a suggested cost was listed at the start of the guide so that tourists are guarenteed to have enough funds to complete these activities.

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