Proposal for Major Writing Assignment #3: Writing Instructions

The following are three potential tours of Waco that I am proposing for my third major writing assignment.

1) Tour down University Parks
Potential stops:
– The Ferrell Center
– Baylor Ballpark
– The suspension bridge
– Waco Vietnam Memorial
– Cameron Park
– This could be fun for those getting around on foot or by bike. It is not a particularly short distance, but it could provide some good exercise!

2) Colleges in Waco
Potential stops:
– Baylor
– TCU (It used to be in Waco!)
– I think this tour would be interesting mostly because I did not know that TCU used to be in Waco. I’m curious to see where the campus was before it was destroyed in a fire.

3) “First” churches in Waco
Potential stops:
– First Baptist Church of Waco
– First Presbyterian Church of Waco
– First United Methodist Church of Waco
– First Church of Christ Science
– First Lutheran Church
– There are so many “first” churches here. Why not visit them all in one go?